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Healing Trauma

At Creating Connection we are trained in restoring a sense of restoration which might be experienced as ‘settled, coherence or equilibrium’ when trauma has occurred.

What is Trauma?

It is the experience of symptoms which can occur after a perceived life-threatening or overwhelming experience. It is the inability to complete the process, to restore the nervous system, to settle, which leaves us with the feeling of being traumatized. This might be diagnosed as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Trauma is personal and experienced differently from person to person. Over time, a series of seemingly minor mishaps accumulate and can be as damaging as a single major catastrophe.

Trauma is experienced as the result of anything that threatens our physical / emotional / social / financial / spiritual survival.

“Trauma is fundamentally a disturbance in the ability to be in the here and now”

- Dr Bessel van der Kolk

Creating Connection Auckland Counselling & Somatic Therapy


Feeling Stuck in OFF -
Where feelings of Helplessness, Immobility, and Freezing are felt. It is the sense of being stuck or immobilized.

Feeling Stuck in ON or Hyperarousal -
This is the nervous system’s accelerator; a sense of overwhelming or inability to slow down and to know one’s own mind.

These symptoms are real; a sign that the autonomic nervous system is stuck and unable to return to ease and flow.

Symptoms which may be experienced:

Symptoms can also include:

Medium Term Symptoms:

Long Term Symptoms:

Symptoms can be stable, or come and go, and be triggered by stress or an upsetting event.
They can remain hidden for decades and suddenly surface. They may come in groups.

Symptoms may grow increasingly complex over time, becoming less and less obviously connected with the original trauma experience which may be forgotten, as many occur when we are young and unable to remember.

The effects of trauma which include anxiety and depression can be 'life robbing', have an effect on cognitive function, affect learning and impact on general day to day function and overall confidence.

Obvious Causes of Trauma:

Less Obvious Causes of Trauma:

These types of events can be passed off as seemingly insignificant or unimportant:

Trauma is also often about something that didn’t actually happen, but which is feared: