Counselling and Neurophysiological Therapies

  • Treating the effects of trauma

  • Shiatsu Bodywork and Heart Coherence Training

  • Professional Supervision

Welcome to CreatingConnection – Our aspiration is to offer a mutli-disciplinary approach of well researched therapies to treat the wide ranging effects of trauma.

Jan offers:

  • Counselling and Therapy – individuals and couples
  • Professional Supervision –  to health professionals

Trevor offers:

  • Heart Coherence Training (Heart Math)
  • Shiatsu Bodywork

We draw on neuroscience; neuro-physiology and sensory integration principles to assist our clients fo understand the relationship between mind and body and how this impacts on health and wellbeing.

In all areas of our work there is a focus on creating attitudes and behaviours which build self awareness, resilience, enhance health and wellbeing and which give a sense of self-confidence and ease in body and mind.

We are always expressing self; in our thoughts, behaviours and actions and in our relationships but are not always aware of this and how and why we do so. 

Our therapeutic work includes EMDR, mindfulness, shiatsu bodywork, biofeedback and other brain and body centered therapies to encourage the development of self awareness;  deepening one’s understanding of patterns of relating and behaviours and treating the impact of trauma.

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