Organisational Support

Organisational support is provided in various ways to meet the individual needs of the organisation

Team Building

Team building is a means of strengthening relationships, affirming and developing shared values and vision. This series of processes can be incorporated into staff meetings to strengthen team communication and relating dynamics.

As a stand-alone workshop the format can be utilised when the team is experiencing conflict, change and when there will be benefit in assisting the team to identify a vision and a sense of shared ownership which will have the effect of strengthening focus and collaboration.

The benefits of team building

  • Builds confidence in team members
  • Supports shared understanding with other team members and with management
  • Increased staff and client wellbeing

Management Support

Management support focuses on supporting the management team to develop shared understanding of themselves and of colleagues. Support may encompass a number of formats and processes including a process to support the management team to work their way through a specific topic or issue, group reflective process and development sessions

The purpose, structure and benefits are as outlined above in team building.

Support for management has the potential for

  • Clarifying purpose, meaning and values
  • The ability to reflect on management practice
  • Supporting those who support people and who might not usually seek support
  • Supporting the ethical/social practice of an organisation
  • Providing support for an organisation in change

Conflict Resolution

Where there is interpersonal conflict in an organisation, an experienced facilitator is available to support staff to resolve the conflict.

Benefits of conflict resolution

  • Gives the opportunity to be understood which de-escalates distress
  • Normalises conflict as a healthy response to a problem
  • Assists building the necessary skills and strategies
  • Empowers all parties to contribute towards resolution
  • Increases ongoing confidence in communicating effectively
  • Models a negotiated process for conflict resolution
  • Builds appreciation for the organisation as promoter of the process
  • Reduces the potential for sick leave, mental injury and personal grievance

Coaching and Mentoring

If management identify a need for a staff member to be more effective in their role, training assistance can be provided.

Benefits of coaching & mentoring

  • Staff member’s work practice  and productivity improves
  • Staff member’s confidence increases
  • Team dynamics are improved
  • Cost effective outcome for organisation
  • Intractable issues can be addressed in a constructive and appropriate manner

Referral Process

Referral can be made by an individual or by management

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